Treating Customers Fairly

Policy statement

At 1st Choice Vehicle Finance we pride ourselves on providing the highest standards of customer service. As a responsible broker we are committed to applying the Financial Conduct Authority’s principle of treating customers fairly in order to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Outcome 1: Consumers can be confident that they are dealing with firms where the fair treatment of customers is central to the corporate culture.
  • Outcome 2: Products and services marketed and sold in the retail market are designed to meet the needs of identified consumer groups and are targeted accordingly.
  • Outcome 3: Consumers are provided with clear information and are kept appropriately informed before, during and after the point of sale.
  • Outcome 4: Where consumers receive advice, the advice is suitable and takes account of their circumstances.
  • Outcome 5: Consumers are provided with products that perform as firms have led them to expect, and the associated service is of an acceptable standard and as they have been led to expect.
  • Outcome 6: Consumers do not face unreasonable barriers imposed by firms to make a complaint.

Our aim is best set out in our mission statement:

Working together to ensure we meet our customers’ expectations
Treating customers as we like to be treated ourselves

These words reflect the culture and philosophy that is central to our activity. We recognise, however, that to fulfill this objective we must:

  • Invest in the training and development of our staff to ensure they are competent and focused on the importance of treating every customer fairly.
  • Monitor activities to ensure that each leasing enquiry is treated consistently and that any advice given is in the customers’ best interests.
  • Continually assess the services we provide to ensure we can meet changing requirements
  • Communicate in a manner that is fair, clear and not mis-leading.
  • Empower our staff to ensure any concerns raised by a customer are immediately addressed.

We constantly monitor our ability to achieve these standards through:

  • Regular assessments of individual performance.
  • Benchmarking performance against quality standards.
  • Internal audits.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys

We take aim to get things right every time but if you if you have a complaint, please visit our Complaints Procedure page.