Key Facts

This is a summary of the lease agreement you are considering and does not form part of the full terms & conditions of the agreement. It is important that you read the terms & conditions relating to the lease agreement when you receive them.

Your agreement is a fixed term, fixed mileage lease agreement. The vehicle should be suitable for your needs for the full term of the agreement.

If you choose to end the agreement before the end of the agreed term, early termination fees will apply which can be expensive.

You will never own the vehicle.

Your agreement confirms the agreed annual mileage allowance. If you exceed the agreed mileage when the vehicle is returned, then you will incur an excess mileage charge for each additional mile covered. If the vehicle is returned earlier than required by your agreement, then you will only be entitled to the pro-rata mileage allowance.

You must look after the leased vehicle in accordance with the lease agreement and ensure it is maintained to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

An optional maintenance contract is available. Should you choose to take a non-maintenance agreement, you will be responsible for the cost of all routine servicing, replacement tyres and out of warranty repairs.

The leased vehicle comes with the standard manufacturer’s warranty (from the date of 1st registration). To avoid invalidating the warranty or incur additional costs the vehicle must be serviced and maintained strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Depending on the term of the lease the warranty may expire before the end of the contract.

Road tax is included for the full duration of the lease term at the published rate on the day the contract is signed. However, if rates increase or the vehicle subsequently attracts a different rate for any reason whatsoever, any excess will become chargeable. The taxable list price is indicative at the point of order, the price of the vehicle may change for tax purposes even if price protected. Expensive vehicle road tax will apply if the vehicle taxable list price exceeds £40000.

Subscription Services (eg. online connected services) do not form part of the lease agreement. Some manufacturers offer subscription-based services for a limited or trial period. Any renewal of these services or functionality will have to be actioned and paid for by the hirer.

You are responsible for ensuring the vehicle is covered by comprehensive motor insurance until it is returned to the leasing company. You should inform your motor insurance company that the vehicle is subject to a lease and that your leasing company is the legal owner.

The vehicle will not be automatically collected by the leasing company at the end of the lease term. To arrange a suitable collection date and time, you are advised to contact the leasing company at least 7 working days before the lease expires. Rental payments must be paid until the vehicle is collected.

Leased vehicles being returned to the leasing company must be presented in a condition which complies, as a minimum, with BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear guidelines. Failing to do so will result in charges being applied. The following are just some examples of the items which must be returned with the vehicle:

  •  service history/stamped service booklet
  •  all keys/fobs including spares and codes
  •  handbooks/manuals
  •  locking wheel nuts
  •  spare wheel/spacesaver/inflation canister